Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined


Thorium is a platform for running starship simulations. The computer controls simulate what the controls of a futuristic spaceship might be. These screens control the engines, weapons, sensors, communications, and a host of other things.

Why would you want something like this? To do a simulated space mission — in space! These controls are part of a larger live-action roleplay experience which anyone can do in the comfort of their homes or at a Space Edventure center. A flight director controls the entire experience, acting like a game master for the other participants. It's like a movie in real life where you are the actors!

Prior art includes Empty Epsilon and Artemis, along with the host of other starship controls which have been developed in the past for brick-and-mortar Space Edventures centers.

Space Edventures

What is a Space Edventure? Whereas Empty Epsilon and Artemis focus on short, action-packed, entertaining simulations, Thorium is devoted to more methodical, educational, dramatic simulations. We certainly hope you'll have a fun time using Thorium, but its purpose is a little different:

  • Give Flight Directors the tools they need to tell excellent stories and teach real principles.
  • Give creators a platform for making new missions, simulators, and experiences.
  • Give crews the opportunity to do hard things in a simulated environment.

Not convinced? Space Edventure simulations have been happening since 1990! These videos might provide greater understanding of the use and power of Space Edventures in education and entertainment.

Four Hours: A Space Trip

Four Hours: A Space Trip

What They Say About the Space Education Center

What they say about the space education center