Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined


  • Thorium:A powerful modular software allowing cast and crew to embark on an incredible Space Edventure that is completely customizable. You'll never have the same experience twice!
  • Space Edventure: An educational adventure in a simulated spaceship environment.
  • Flight Director (FD): The game master of the simulation. Flight Directors manage the back end of the controls, using them to tell the story. They are also in charge of the lighting, sound effects, voices, actors, and everything else involved in running the simulation.
  • Crew: The people flying the space ship on the bridge. They act out their role as a member of the crew of the spaceship. Crew members typically are split into several different stations, or jobs. Their goal is to complete the mission successfully.
  • Simulator: In the context of Thorium, the simulator is the computer representation of the ship which is flying. Simulators consist of systems, stations, decks, rooms, and crew.
  • Station: A station is a collection of screens which control the simulator. Stations are typically organized by function; engines and thrusters belong to the Flight Control station, weapons and shields belong to the Tactical station, etc. Thorium groups sets of stations into station-sets, allowing you to customize how many crew participate in your simulation.
  • Client: A client is a single computer running a station. To run Thorium, you must have at least one client for every station in the simulation, but you could have multiple clients running the same station on larger simulator sets.
  • Server: The main Thorium application that runs on a single computer that all Thorium clients connect to. The clients request data from the server and send messages to the server to update data. Clients can also subscribe to specific information from the server. When new information is processed by the server, it sends those updates to the subscribed clients.
  • Set: A set is the physical space where a simulation happens. It could be permanent and include a bridge, desks for the computers, a sickbay and engineering room, hallways, transporter doors, etc. Or it could be your living room and computers for every participant. There is no set definition of what your spaceship has to look like! Thorium allows you to map the clients in your physical set to simulators and station-sets so you can easily start the ship before a flight.
  • Mission: A mission is the set story line which will be followed during a specific simulation. Missions follow a timeline of events, and can provide some level of automation for the Flight Director.
  • Flight: A flight is a single experience that starts fresh with each crew change. Flights typically run anywhere from 2.5-5 hours; of course, flight times can be whatever you'd like.