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Thorium Client

Thorium Client

While Thorium can run in any modern web browser, Thorium comes with a special client application which can be installed on any computer you run a station on. It allows for the following additional features:

  • Automatic connection to a running Thorium server
  • Station lockdown, keeping the crew from accessing other programs on the client computer
  • Deeper system access, with support for remotely restarting, shutting down, or quitting the client computer
  • Clients are automatically named the hostname of the computer

The client can be controlled with the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • cmd + option + q: Quit the station
  • cmd + option + i: Open the developer tools
  • cmd + option + k: Exit kiosk mode
  • cmd + d: Change the Thorium Server IP address

Note: On Windows and Linux computers, replace the cmd key with ctrl