Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Flight Directing — Training

Training makes a huge difference between a smooth mission and a rocky mission. If the crew doesn't understand how to do their jobs the entire mission will be a challenge.

Thorium has built-in onscreen text training. Training begins with all of the crew taking their places at their stations. The login screen has a 'Begin Training' button which explains how the stations work and how to do the training on all of their screens (this is done by selecting the question mark widget after moving onto a new screen).

The Flight Director should give brief directions and encourage anyone who has questions to ask. That means the Flight Director (and any support staff) should know answers to most questions that the crew might have. Studying this documentation can help learn the answers.

Once all of the crew has read through all of their training for each of their screens, the mission can begin.