Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined


IIFX core, Also known as Auxcore, is usually used by a secondary Flight Director (Or storyteller).

The Auxcore handles the less-important functions of the ship, as reflected by the cores on the "AuxCore" layout. The Auxcore layout contains the following core widgets:

- Thrusters
-Security Decks
-Security Teams
-Damage Teams
-Short Range Comm
-Systems Core
-Stealth Field
-Crew Roster
-Long Range Communications
-Probe Control
-Sensors Scans
-Internal Communications
-"Extras" Core
-Reactor Control
-Probe Network
-Actions Core
-Damage Core

Using the sidebar, you can access the following widgets:
-Tractor Beam / Transporters
-Ship Core
-Core Feed
-Login Names

Below is a picture of the standard AuxCore layout.