Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Update 58 - 🙇‍♂️

August 11, 2018


We'lll be doing a Thorium Developer workshop on August 25th on BYU campus in Provo. This workshop will be focused on getting developers up to speed on how Thorium works, how to extend it, and how to make new screens. More details will come. If you want to help with development or learn about how Thorium was designed behind the scenes, come on by!

Want to contribute? Check out the contributing guide.

It's been a busy week, with a lot of changes and improvements. Get in touch if you run into any issues and I'll see if it can be resolved quickly.

Version 0.3.9

  • Added ability to create generic systems. These systems have no function, but show up in the power distribution list and can be damaged from there as well.
  • Added ability to 'damage' systems as 'Engineering', for engineering panels specifically, and 'R&D' for research and development. There are new damage report cards that only show these two types of damaged systems. Currently, only the systems added to the simulator (including generic systems) can be damaged in the new types, and there is no consideration of the new types in the auto-generated damage reports. Right-click on the system in the systems core to damage it with one of the new types.
  • Added a 'Viewscreen' core component, which can be used on the Dynamic or Next core. It allows you to create and send viewscreens to the viewsreen without a preview. The Viewscreen core layout still exists if you need to preview your viewscreen before sending it.
  • Added the 'Planetary Scan'. It existed before, but now it actually works!
  • Improved the layout of Next, MainCore, and AuxCore
  • The heat core now has coolant control for the systems and the coolant tank.
  • Added a notification to core when a probe has a query.
  • Added the ability to pre-configure sensors with auto-targeting.
  • Added the 'LayoutLine'. It's really pretty:

Line Layout

Bug Fixes

  • The current damage report step now appears properly on the station.
  • Refactored the susbcription system, so card subscriptions should be more reliable.
  • Improved the tactical map layout.
  • Fixed the defensive probe equipment space.
  • Fixed the layout of the Dilithium Stress card. Also added training.
  • Engine and reactor heat will now behave a little better.
  • Fixed issues with the navigation station introduced with the subscription refactor.
  • Fixed an issue where probes would appear incorrectly with certain names.
  • Issues resolved in this update: here Also, be sure to join the Thorium community chat channel. It's the best way to get questions answered and to receive updates and information. That's it for this week. Be sure to file any feature requests on the Github repo and see the current roadmap. Alex