Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Update 42 - 🌌

April 21, 2018

Version 0.2.19

  • Assets now download on the first load of the development server, making development a bit easier.

  • Updated Thorium Client. Be sure to update Thorium Client on your simulator's computers for the best experience.

  • Improved damage reports for other damaged systems.

  • Fixed issues with dynamic core having two of the same component on the core at the same time.

  • Added medical teams training.

  • Issues resolved in this update: here

Don't forget, as a donor you get access to the latest builds of Thorium. Donate Today!. If you have already donated, you can access the builds on the releases page.

Also, be sure to join the Thorium community chat channel. It's the best way to get questions answered and to receive updates and information.

That's it for this week. Be sure to file any feature requests on the Github repo and see the current roadmap.