Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Update 27 - I like to roll the dice 🎲

January 01, 2018

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs:

    • Coolant tanks now order in a sensible way.
    • When errors occur, they reset browser data to hopefully make it so the error doesn't occur again.
    • The viewscreen has fewer bugs and should display better.
    • Clients logout when a flight is deleted.
    • Added 3D views for the thrusters and reactor cards.
    • You can now specify the length of generated damage reports.
    • Tractor beam targets can be named.
    • Added systems configs for thruster navigation, sensors history, and stealth field.
    • Missions can now be applied to simulators in flight.
    • Assets are now more friendly.
    • Sensor contacts can now automatically be added to the targeting grid.
    • You can now use #SIM in missions to reference the simulator in question.
    • Inventory system now has a core and operates better.
    • Damage no longer leaks from previous flights.
    • Core-layouts now force a data update when switching.
    • Reactivation code works with generated damage reports again.
    • Fixed the messages so it works properly with teams
  • Added a timer which can have it's numbers sent to the Sensors text box.
  • Added the Dice of Doom.
  • A random message now shows on the welcome page.
  • Added a tranzine gas core
  • Added image previews for the viewscreens on the viewscreen manager page.
  • Added a loading animation for Mission importing.
  • Added timeline items for:

    • Adding and removing comm signals
    • Breaking and fixing a system

Don't forget, as a donor you get access to the latest builds of Thorium. Donate Today!. If you have already donated, you can access the builds on the releases page.

That's it for this week. Be sure to file any feature requests on the Github repo and see the current roadmap.