Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Community Support

April 13, 2019

A note about Support

Thorium is a "community support" project. This means that new features and extended development are expected to come from the community of people using Thorium. While I encourage everyone to use it and continue to submit issues and bug reports, I won't be actively maintaining the project as I have in the past. Here's what I will continue to do:

  • Review issues on Github
  • Review pull requests and provide feedback
  • Merge pull requests
  • Create new builds/releases
  • Encourage and assist other developers

I will not:

  • Actively build new features (usually -- some exceptions)
  • Actively fix bugs (usually -- some exceptions)
  • Guarantee a response or turnaround time
  • Give support over phone or in person (except through service contract agreements)

Fortunately, you can get help from the excellent people on Thorium's Discord Server.

If you need better support for your Thorium simulator, I more than happy to contract with you to do so. Fill out the Thorium Service Request Form to start that process.

If you want to learn to contribute to Thorium, check out the development video series for how to get started.

Hope this helps!