Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Update 46 - 💻

May 19, 2018

Version 0.2.29

  • Added the computer core card. This card is designed to be busywork for whoever it is assigned to as they track down hackers, virii, and corrupted files.

  • Added notification for signal jammer activation.

  • Added a 'Restore All Shields' button.

  • Added ability to make targets on targeting stationary.

  • Added ability to select a sensor contact on the sensor grid.

  • Added mute button to short range communications.

  • Added ability to force shields to be raised or lowered.

  • Change the card picker on the Odyssey layout.

  • Added an object duplicate button on tactical maps

  • Training mode is now finished. By pressing the 'Training Mode' button on the ship core, sensor and transporter scans are automatically answered, a tractor beam target is added, messages are sent, and more. This can be turned off with the 'Reset Flight' button.

  • Added snapshot restoration. The snapshot is the file which stores all of your Thorium data. Sometimes, it would become corrupted and you would have to start over. This ensures there is always a copy of the latest snapshot for you to use. Saving the snapshot is much more fault tolerant too.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issues with the probe control core.
    • Adjusted sensor contact speeds to slow them down a bit.
    • Improved sizing of targeting icon labels.
    • Better error handling for both the client and the server.
    • Fixed the issue with deleting objects while typing in fields on the tactical map config screen.
    • Improved handling of the thrusters card.
    • Fix inventory updates issues.
    • Fix an issue with the set config.
    • Add scrolling to daamge step config.
    • Make it so damage steps do not repeat.
    • Make it so damage reports don't include damage steps for the system that is broken.
  • Issues resolved in this update: here

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That's it for this week. Be sure to file any feature requests on the Github repo and see the current roadmap.