Announcing Thorium Nova - Bridge Simulation Reimagined

Update 18 - Self-driving Viewscreen 📺

October 07, 2017

  • Added more viewscreens

    • Planetary Scan
    • Shield Monitoring
    • Course Calculation
    • Ship Views
    • Stealth Viewscreen
    • Communications
    • Stars
  • Made it so the viewscreen could auto-switch based on the current state of the simulator
  • Added unsubscriptions for all of the cards and cores
  • Began work on Junior Controls. Added stubs for six cards:

    • Operations
    • Communications
    • Flight
    • Tactical
    • Sensors
    • Engineer

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That's it for this week. Be sure to file any feature requests on the Github repo. You can also download the latest alpha and see the current roadmap.